About Astrology

"The Stars above us, govern our conditions"
- Shakespeare, King Lear

Here at MyAstrologyCharts.com we hope you will learn something of the Art of Astrology. Remember true Astrology is much more than you read in the newspapers! We have a number of sections. The History of Astrology explains how Astrology has been with us throughout the ages, like a quiet friend.

The How It Works section breaks it down and explains how all the components, The Planets, The Signs, The Houses and The Aspects contribute to the art of Astrology and ultimately the understanding of human personality. These individual components are then explained in detail within their own sections. We hope you enjoy

The History of Astrology

Astrology has been around for as long as people can remember. It has evolved independently in a number of different societies and countries. The leading populations of the world China, India and the Western World all have their own forms of astrology.

How it Works

Astrology states there is a correspondence between what is going on with the planets and the individual. It says that the universe and all of it's constituents are not separate entities but are intrinsincally related to each other in a unified whole.